Optimal Male Weight Loss Programs

We understand that reaching your goals and changing your eating and lifestyle habits aren’t always that simple and sticking to a plan is far from easy. At Optimal Male Health, we have compiled the most effective, scientifically backed information and made what we believe is the best weight loss program designed for men.

At Optimal Male Health, we endeavour to make weight loss as easy to understand and simple to follow with our online interactive members portal. The portal is a comprehensive 12-week journey that gives you information, education, meal plans, eating guides, recipes and much more to guide you through your weight loss journey and get you to your weight loss goal. Your journey starts with a consultation to deem suitability, you decide with your consultant which program will be right for you, which may result in the prescription of pharmaceutical supplements if deemed beneficial or you can look at one of our tailored 10 week programs giving you targeted Meal plans, weekly consultations with expert exercise physiologists and/or Dieticians.

The Optimal Male Health approach is not about restrictive or fad dieting; it’s about helping you change the way you view nutrition and make lifelong lifestyle changes to improve your health for the rest of your life. Our weight management consultations are highly targeted and focussed towards your specific needs. We will help you achieve a permanent healthy weight loss while improving your overall health. At your first consultation, we will identify all the factors that could affect your ability to lose or gain weight and will obtain detailed information regarding: 

Based on your first consultation, your program will be designed in order to deliver you the most appropriate tools in order to guide you towards your desired weight goals. Our follow-up and review consultations will fine-tune your plan and ensure that you stay on-track and our interactive member’s portal will ensure you continue to be informed and learn throughout your weight loss journey.

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